Bird By Bird

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Getting Started
You should always write truthfully
Writing about your childhood in a lot of detail is a good way to start Holidays are usually good to write about because there is a lot of detail. Writing at the same time helps creativity in stories.

,Writing is more important than being published
,Books make you notice the small details in life
Books can enhance your imagination.
Many lose their confidence when they begin writing since it is difficult for them to get down their thoughts in a truthful and interesting way Many writing students do not know where they should begin writing

Short Assignments
Thinking about people before you start helps your imagination Breathing slowly while writing can help
You never know what the final outcome will be when writing
Always write slowly, never rush
Take writing each sentence at a time
Always write in a lot of detail because it’s a smaller assignment than usual Many get distracted as they begin to write since they think of all other things they have to do as soon as they sit down to write Writing stories will not seem overwhelming to write if one thinks of it one step at a time Thinking of writing one step at a time can give students hope in their writing Big assignments need to accomplished in steps in order to give poise and to write works to the best of one’s ability Shitty First Drafts

Everybody writes bad first drafts
Bad first drafts are good because you have something to improve on The only way to know what your actually writing abiout and what your doing is through a draft. First draft is like the child’s draft, because you pour everything into it and nobody will ever see it. One part of this shitty draft could lead you to your sroty

Writing the first draft in a quiet area helps get everything down on paper. Think of your first draft as the clay, not the sculpture

Perfectionism is the main obstacle in your writing
Can ruin your writing if it gets to your head
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