Personal Essay: The Writing Process

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Writing it is an essential skill needed to communicate. Unfortunately, for me writing is not quality that I have develop with pleasure and it is always a work in progress. Writing is a very difficult process and there is nothing easy about it, but their some things that helps me get it done. My greatest obstacles to embrace writing is my attitude, staying focus and starting the first paragraph. There are somethings the help to make this process less stressful like working in comfortable area finding the right tools to work with and not prognosticate to get it done.
My biggest problem is my attitude towards writing. I simply do not enjoy writing, it is an endless mental torture. For instance, I over analyze everything, hoping to write something...

Usually start writing on the opportunity I have to write. I just write whatever comes to mind even if looks like a child just wrote it, but at least I have something to start working with. All I need is to sit in front of the computer and set my mind that I have to do it without making any excuses and have a cold Pepsi right next to the computer.
Finally, having the right tools to write. Typing is easier then writing in a piece of paper. Using a computer is a great device to accomplish writing more effective because my writing is legible and clean. For example, in the computer I can organize my writing by erasing, copying, pasting. Where as writing in paper sometimes I need to scratch and start again ending up working a messy paper.
There are many reason why writing is so important. It can be easy or difficult but not impossible. To be honest most of the time I make writing more complicated than what it is, but it hard to change my attitude and bad habits towards writing. It is hard to write the first paragraph down with my thoughts in a organize matter because I know is full of mistakes and I’m going to have a mental brock at any time. There are somethings that helps me writing such us, being in the right environment with the tools and a set mind to start...
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