Topics: Aesthetics, Nature, Design Pages: 4 (1548 words) Published: April 26, 2014
Aesthetics is a major component of design and technology as it is the appeal and appearance of the object. It serves as a way something looks while hiding its works on function. Nature, the forerunner in aesthetics, has done this for eons creating with aesthetically remarkable results. So by designing artifacts after nature, as in biomimicry, these products created will be just as aesthetically remarkable. In my opinion, biomimicry products are improved and superior aesthetically compared to normal standard products.

Biomimicry is the observation and study of nature, its systems, models, and processes to design products. We learn from nature and apply it in our design of artifacts that are more suited for our world. These biomimetic artifacts are modeled after nature, the most efficient and sustainable system, to potentially solve some of humanity’s problems. Nature has been solving all sorts of problems since the beginning of time that we humans still face today. By studying nature and its design we can learn about materials, structures, aesthetics and natural solutions for our design challenges. Artifacts designed after nature, combine function and form together seamlessly as it is represented in nature, where aesthetics is one of best. Humanity should put more thought into biomimicry as nature has been designing systems, successfully, putting them through millennia of years of tests to make them optimally efficient and aesthetic. Through biomimicry, artifacts will not only function sustainably but also appear natural, following a current trend of being “green” and “going natural.”

The role nature plays in aesthetics is huge and to design products after it, like in biomimicry, products will be aesthetically excellent while still serving its intended purpose, whether it be sustaining human life or improving it. This is the reason the question of if biomimetic designed artifacts are superior to other design artifacts is raised for me. Nature’s role in...
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