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Biology - Main Questions And Answers:
Complete the table with a tick if the statement in the first column is true, for each process.

Write a simple equation to show how ATP is synthesised from ADP: ADP + Pi ATP
Give two ways in which the properties of ATP make it a suitable source of energy in biological processes:
1. Energy released in small/suitable amounts
2. Soluble
3. Involves a single/simple reaction
Humans synthesise more than their body mass of ATP each day. Explain why it is necessary for them to synthesise such a large amount of ATP. 1. ATP is unstable
2. ATP cannot be stored / is an immediate source of energy
3. Named process uses ATP
4. ATP only releases a small amount of energy at a time
Why was the gross productivity of the plants in the field highest in July * High temperature means more enzyme collisions,
* a lot of light means that light isn’t the limiting factor * more collisions means more photosynthesis

Give the equation that links gross productivity and net productivity * Gross productivity = net productivity + respiratory loss(respiration) The horse was able to eat more than it needed to meet its minimum daily requirements. Suggest how the horse used the extra nutrients absorbed * Stored as fat

* Used for growth
Suggest two advantages of processing waste in anaerobic digesters rather than in open ponds * Methane not released
* Conditions can be controlled

The anaerobic digester has a cooling system, which is not shown in the diagram. Without this cooling system the digester would soon stop working. Explain why * Respiration causes temperature increase and release of heat * Enzymes would be denatured

Explain the consequences of leaching of fertiliser into ponds and lakes * Increase algae
* Light blocked out
* Plants can’t photosynthesise/plants die
* Bacteria breakdown dead organisms
* Bacteria respire
Give one advantage of using natural...
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