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Cellular Respiration Lab - The Bean Lab
In today's lab, you will be investigating cellular respiration. Cellular respiration as you know is the process that cells use to use to obtain energy from organic molecules. Typically, you will see the equation for cellular respiration represented in the equation below.

CeHrzOo + 6


5CO2 + SHzO + EnergY

This equation represents aerobic cellular respiration. Aerobic respiration occurs in the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells and only in the presence of oxygen. Aerobic cellular respiration is a very efficient process which yields up to 38 molecules of ATP for each

molecule of giucose.
Aerobic cellular respiration is not the only form of cellular respiration that occurs in living things. Cellular respiration also occurs if no oxygen is present in a process known as anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration is much less efficient at converting glucose into ATP, yielding only 2 molecules of ATP for each molecule of glucose. Additionally anaerobic respiration produces lactic acid or ethanol as products. Today, you will be studying aerobic cellular respiration in soy beans. As a measure of cellular respiration, you will be looking at the oxygen consumption ofthe beans. lf the beans are carrying out aerobic respiration, they will be using oxygen. To measure oxygen consumption, you will be constructing a device called a respirometer. The respirometer will be submerged in water and as the beans use oxygen, water will enter the respirometer. By measuring the volume of water that enters the repirometer, we can determine the amount of oxygen being used by the beans.

You will be using three respirometers today. One will contain germinated soy beans, one will contain ungerminated soy beans with a small amount of gravel, and the last respirometer will contain only gravel. The soy beans that are germinated have been soaked in water which starts their growth process. These beans should be actively using energy to support this growth. The ungerminated beans are dormant and as a result, they are not growing. tt is important that all of the test tubes contain an equal volume

of material. Since the germinated seeds are swollen with water, they occupy more space than the un8erminated seeds. To make up the difference, gravel is added to the test tube.





Cellular Respiration Lab Pre-lab
Read the introduction and the lab procedures before answering the questions below.


What is cellular respiration?


What are two types of cellular respiration?



What are the differences between both types of cellular respiration?




What type of cellular respiration does the equation above represent?


How much ATP does the process above release?


What organism will be used in today's lab?


What isthe difference between a germinated seed and an ungerminated seed?


How will you measure the amount of cellular respiration that occurs in the lab today?


the equation for cellular respiration?

10. You will set up three respirometers today. Below describe what will be in each.


11. lf orygen is consumed in the experiment, how will you know?

12. Describe how you will set up a respirometer.

13. Oxygen is taken up in this experiment, and carbon dioxide gas is given off in equal amounts. In order to be able to observe how much oxygen is being used by the seeds, the carbon dioxide must removed from the resoirometer. Describe how this will be accomolished.

14. What


the purpose of the gravel in the test tube with the ungerminated soy beans?

15. How do you correct for atmospheric pressure or the effect of temperature changes during the experiment?

16. Which of the three test tubes do vou think will have the most cellular respiration? Explain why you think so.

17. Write out a predictive hypothesis for this experiment in correct form.

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