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1.| History| 4|
2.| Why did you choose that personality?| 5|
3.| Dream of the Leader| 6|
4.| SWOT Analysis| 7|
5.| Stage of Business| 8-10|
6.| Vision Articulation| 11-29|
7.| Strategies| 30-34|
8.| Leadership Style| 34-36|
9.| Awards and Recognition| 37|
10.| Bibliography| 38|

Kishore Biyani is the person whose talent is transforming India Retail and Indian Economy with his vision and power to grow. He is the person, who stood up and is going well to break the parameters of Indian Retail. He is known by several names: the king of retail the unstoppable Indian the man who saw the future. Kishore Biyani belongs to a trading family from Rajasthan settled in Mumbai for more than 60 years now. He was never interested in studies but did complete his commerce graduation and always had ambition of making it big in business. He didn’t join the family trading business but rather than tried out different things on his own, like readymade garments, textile production, creating brands before he ventured in retail business of selling garments. he is true visionary when he started selling readymade garments when nobody preferred ready-to-wear shirts or trousers. Kishore Biyani is an Indian businessman. He is chief executive officer (CEO) of Future Group, and Managing Director of Pantaloon Retail. Biyani's Future Group has over 17 million square feet of retail space in 90 cities and 60 rural locations. He managed to raise $170 million by taking venture capital arm Future Ventures public in March 2011. Biyani is married to Sangita Biyani and they have 2 children and are based in Mumbai. His older daughter Ashni is a director of Future Ideas, group's innovation and incubation cell. Kishore is the co-author of the book "It happened in India". It is the story of Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Central, and the Great Indian Consumer, co-authored with Dipayan Baishya. The book has sold some 100,000 copies, more than any other business book published in India so far.

Kishore Biyani isn’t quite the poster boy of India’s organized retail industry. He lives its periphery ever willing to take extraordinary bets. His peers dismiss him as compulsive risk taker. He was first who dared to try out the hypermarket model. During his initial struggle period, the press fed up with his recalcitrance to meet or talk, largely ignores him. He is seldom invited for retail seminars. But Biyani didn’t care. He was quite content being outsider who at the end built up his Rs220 crore business in nascent Indian retail sector. Born in a middle class trading family Kishore Biyani started his career selling stonewash fabric to small shops in Mumbai. Years later, with the launch of Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Central and many more retail formats, he redefined the retailing business in INDIA. India's retail czar, Kishore Biyani, replaced conventional wisdom with "guts and instincts" to create Future Group, a $1 billion company that includes Pantaloon Retail, a department store group; Big Bazaar, the company's name for hypermarkets; Food Bazaar supermarkets, and Central Mall, a more upscale aggregation of merchandise. Known for his insights into Indian consumer behavior, Biyani also represents an enigma to the country's emerging retail players, both domestic and foreign. He trusted his own ability so strongly from day one that he never needed to be on the side of established hero. Like while playing game of cricket, he was ever willing to take up the opponent’s challenge in spite of a weak team. Out of his...
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