The Telephone

Topics: Poverty, Village People, Village Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: January 31, 2014
Question No. 01.
Anwar F. Accawi starts the essay “The Telephone” by telling about the way people in his village looked at the time was to notify that time was not important for the people who lived in his village at his period. Accawi in his first paragraph writes that “time didn’t mean much to anybody, except may be to those who were dying , or those waiting appear in court…” from these lines Accawi tries to states that time was not important for every people in his village except for some who were dying and some who were waiting appear in court. Furthermore he tries to explain the shoddiness of the villagers by starting that the villagers didn’t even wanted to know the time. Accawi takes this point as a negative impact of villagers; he expresses the uneducatedness of the villagers by printing “now could you? Satisfied with her answer,” he compares the current situation with his time period. Anwar F. Accawi writes about him as a little poor boy who works for people around the village to get some pocket money. He was also a normal kid, who played around with other kids, but currently in a good position, because he studied. Question No. 2

Anwar F. Accawi gets ready to write about the introduction of the phone to his village by saying “But, in another way, the year of the drought was also one of the worst of my life…” He states this because the introduction of the telephone is been a bad move for the kids (including Accawi), because Abu Raja use to entertain kids by cracking walnuts on his forehead and he further explains in the essay that there were some people who were against the introduction of the telephone. Accawi sees the installation of the telephone in the front line where rich people are suppose to be. He narrates this idea from the sentence “Because I was small and unaware that I should have stayed outside with the other poor folks to give the rich people inside more room. I wriggled my way through the dense forest of legs to get the firsthand...
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