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By ShelbyAllira Nov 10, 2014 519 Words
Biography – Dave Franco.
The brother of other well-known film actor James Franco who has been in films such as spider man and rise of the planet of the apes, Dave Franco was born on June 12, 1985 in Palo Alto, California. He’s the son of Betsy a poet, author, and editor, and Doug Franco, who met as students at Stanford University, Franco's father, was of Portuguese and Swedish descent. Franco's mother is Jewish and Dave has stated that he is "proud" to be Jewish. Franco's grandmother, Marjorie Franco, is a published author of young adult books and Franco's other grandmother, Mitzie Verne, owns the Verne Art Gallery, in Cleveland.  Franco grew up in California with his two brothers, Tom Franco and James Franco. An aspiring writer, Dave began writing before he decided to pursue an acting career. His poems have been published in many magazines including the popular American Teen People magazine, and he also wrote two of his own screenplays whilst he was studying psychology and film at the University of Southern California.  Dave Franco’s plans never included getting into acting, as he considered himself a shy kid in high school. However, he took the opportunity to come out of his shell through the new found acting skills. He made his acting debut in an episode of the popular family TV show 7th Heaven in 2006. He followed it up with other appearances, such as the films Frat Bros and after sex that weren’t well known. He then appeared as Greg, a soccer player, in the surprise hit Superbad which set his career off more than he ever expected. Franco’s next project was to work on more television series, as he booked a role in the comedy series Do Not Disturb. He played the role of Gus, appearing alongside Jerry O’Connell and Niecy Nash. The series was then unfortunately cancelled in 2008, with only about five episodes airing on the American FOX Network.  Dave Franco then luckily got a spot in the well-known and highly rated teen comedy called Greek. He took on the character Gonzo, appearing in six episodes of the show. The actor also became an extra in the film called Milk which was also well known, he also appeared in films like the thriller The Shortcut and A Fuchsia Elephant in 2009. Later that year, he earned a spot on the series Privileged, portraying the character Zachary.  When it was announced that the hit comedy Scrubs would be having a ninth season, Dave Franco jumped at the chance for a role in the series. He was eventually cast as the entitled med student and womanizer Cole, as part of the new cast. After this Dave was a well-known actor and appeared in award winning films with other high end actors such as Charlie St. Cloud, Fright Night, and The Broken Tower. He also voiced the character Edward Enigma in the animated series Young Justice.  Dave’s most recent acting jobs have been in the amazing films warm bodies which was released in 2012, 21 jump street which was also released in 2012 and the most recent Bad neighbours.

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