Benefits of Strategic Management

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1. Introduction
Strategic management has several benefits in the management of community based projects. It enables the management to move away from budget-oriented planning which is insufficient considering the changing environment in the operations of projects. Therefore, strategic management provides overall direction to the organisation in having and/or pursuing its vision, mission and objectives. For example, when an organisation wants to distribute malaria drugs in a community they have to sit down and come up with relevant strategies to fulfill the mission. The management must set a vision, mission and goals or adjectives of the task. Some communities might no easily accept donor projects to be implemented in their area. For the management to have a break through, they must study first the values and ethics of the community to be assisted. This will enable them to engage either the community leaders or the political structures such as chiefs and councilors. The following should be fully spelt out in an organisation for the implementation of strategic management. 2. Vision

The vision of the organization, is its dream, where they see themselves in the future. This vision must the crafted by the top management and shared up to operational structures. This is a great benefit in strategic management because it gives the organisation a real direction of what they intend to achieve. If the vision is well absorbed by the members of the organisation, all members will work towards complimenting the desired outcome by the organisation.
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