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Topics: India, Health care, Health economics Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: September 23, 2013
 Should Bella Healthcare India take on Project TKO and develop an EKG specifically for the local market?  Why or why not? TKO, “Technical Knockout”, is single channel EKG, Bella Healthcare India is planning to launch in Indian market. As per my opinion, Bella has many reasons to take up this opportunity. I will categorise these reasons in two broad categories, External and Internal factors. First external factor that affects decision of Bella to take TKO is large population of India with insufficient health care services. India’s population is large and growing but healthcare facilities are not growing with the same rate. Also most of the medical facilities of the country are concentrated in urban areas, leaving rural area with insufficient healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, most of the Indian population stays in small towns and villages. Another fact, in line with this, is availability of less no of physicians and specialists in the field of heart diseases. This has created room for medical services and devices sellers to expand their businesses in the country. The EKG global revenue chart shows that between 2010 and 2015, 9% – 12% of the global revenue will come from Asia-Pacific. As one of the second highest population country in Asia-Pacific, India will definitely contribute major portion of the revenue. The figures in the chart substantiate the fact that Bella has good scope to expand its services in the country. Second factor that helps Bella to take go ahead decision for TKO is increased rate of heart diseases in the country. As per different epidemiological and angiographic studies, Indians are showing heart disease symptoms at young age and there are approximately 30 million CAD patients in the country. This number is expected to double by 2015. These patients will definitely need more and more medical check up and diagnosis facilities, that are not available at this point of time. This will give scope to Bella to capture the growing market. Third...
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