Being Heard

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Debut albums, New York City Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Being Heard

Being heard is something important because it gives your audience a chance to see different sides of yourself. Being heard could do as little as make someone feel content or very important. Listening to one another could be very useful in that we obtain information, understand, listen for enjoyment and last but not least learn. In a recent article that I’ve read, “Talking a stranger through the night” by Sherry Amatenstein, a great portion of the message that she sends out, has all to do about listening. Making someone feel heard makes him or her feel understood and a connection has been built.

As a young student that I am, I have yet to learn many useful tools that my parents, peers and most importantly my professors will teach me in the near future. Through that learning journey it is their job to listen to us students in order for them to have fulfilled their task.

What I believe I can bring to the table are many things. Personally I am very experienced in starting over having moved three times. My very first move was from Spain to Chile, Chile to New Jersey and New Jersey to Texas. And here I am, big ol’Texas. For all of my life I resented my parents for having to put me through all those moves but as I grew older, fonder and a tab wiser I’m very thankful for everything. Many people would kill to start over or even move to a different country and my parents were able to give me that. Yes, starting over does suck but the beauty of it is that you get a chance to become a better and newer person. Meet new people and learn a new totally different type of culture than your own. One of my professors once told me that we all have a chance in going out to the world and making something of ourselves; Be a new person…A new you.

I am very thankful for the life that god has given to me. Even through the little bumps along the road, it makes you a stronger person right? Well I believe so. Life is full of surprises. Every single...
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