Behaviour Management

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Behaviour Management Policy

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School Server

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Head Teacher, Office Manager

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The Policy emphasises that the school aims to manage behaviour by applying positive polices and encourage good behaviour rather than just punish bad behaviour. This is done through a range of rewards. The policy details the schools “golden time reward and sanctions scheme.” It explains what golden time is and the warning card system where children will lose 5 minute chunks of their golden time if behaviour continues. Detail of handling major breaches of discipline are explained and which may result in exclusion of that child. Lunchtime supervision section states that the behaviour policy operates during this time and any instances should be brought to the heads attention. The policy details how to record issues in the incident book, specifies what the school considers as “challenging behaviour” and how parents can support the school in this area. It details what can be done to aid behaviour modification. i.e using different recourses, involving parents early, special certificates, small steps/targets individually structured for challenging children.

Intervention – what should be done by staff if a child is violent to another child or adult and does not respond to the normal procedure. See Physical Restraint Policy

Rewards for good behaviour are promoted by
Verbal Praise – Personal, group or whole class
This will be celebrated in class room displays , school achievement Assemblies and other regular school occasions Parents will be made aware of their childrens success
By personal contact
At termly parents’ meetings
Via newsletters
Having our...
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