P2 Unit 27

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Challenging behaviour (explained in P1) is to do with an individual demonstrating inappropriate behaviour. There are many laws and legislations that are put in place to help/protect individuals with challenging behaviour. In this essay I will be exploring some of these legislations and showing how they apply to challenging behaviours.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child
This legislation is there to protect and promote the child’s rights to survive, thrive, learn, grow and be heard. They believe that a child, no matter he’s or her identity, is entitled to safety, good health and happiness. This applies to challenging behaviour due to the fact it focuses on the protection and support of children. An example of this could be Article 18 (parental responsibilities and state assistance)

This articles states that it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that they always consider what is best for their child and the government should help them by creating support services for the child and giving a hand to parents in need. Article 39 (recovery from trauma and reintegration)

One of the reasons for challenging behaviour could be some past experiences. This article states that children who have experienced trauma or things like that should get special support in order for them to recover.

The Children’s act
This Act aims to encourage children’s wellbeing by improving effective local workings; it focuses on children’s health, safety, achievements etc. This act applies to challenging behaviour due to the fact that it is put in place to observe the child/ children and to resolve any issues/problems as soon as possible. As well as that, it encourages children to be safe and achieve more i.e. in schools, teachers have to ensure that they give the child full help/support in order for the child to achieve he’s potentials and also for the safety of other students

Every Child Matters
This legislation links with the Children’s Act. It is...
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