behaviour modification

Topics: Reinforcement, Psychology, Operant conditioning Pages: 4 (971 words) Published: April 6, 2014

The Effect of Behaviour Modification on Studying and Procrastination University of Sydney

A study was conducted to determine the effects of behaviour self-modification on the number of hours spent studying and procrastinating. The 141 participants were second year University students studying Psychology. Baseline behaviour was recorded for both studying and procrastination followed by a treatment week where each student selected to modify either studying or procrastination and planned and carried out their behaviour modification. Results were significant, revealing that those trying to decrease procrastination were successful in decreasing this behaviour, as well as increasing the alternative behaviour, studying. Similarly, students trying to increase studying were successful, as well as decreasing their procrastination. Overall, it was found that behaviour modification has significant effects on the amount of time spend studying and procrastinating.

The Effect of Behaviour Modification on Studying and Procrastination
Behaviour modification is an interesting aspect of Psychology as it gives people the opportunity to alter their behaviour for reasons that may include health, happiness, education or general wellbeing. Many researchers have found that behaviour self-modification programs are especially effective with immediate reinforcement and are more successful than other cognitive methods (Levitz & Stunkard 1974; Galscow & Klesges 1985). The effectiveness of these programs also depends on other factors such as the person’s commitment to change, the degree of preparation and the management of antecedents.

In order to alter behaviour, it is more successful to partake in a behaviour modification program which includes reinforcements or punishments, rather than simply relying on other cognitive processes. One study, involving overweight people, showed a behaviour self-modification program which...
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