Behavioral Role Play Intervention

Topics: Education, Game, Roleplaying Pages: 4 (1493 words) Published: October 28, 2008
Curriculum developers are implementing new and differentiating techniques to uplift the students and they are developing strategies that would enhance the working of students. Engaging students in certain activities in which they act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities is known as the process of role playing. For behavioral practice role playing is becoming one of the favorite strategies of teachers and curriculum developers. In role playing students are placed in a specific scenario in which they are given a situation, background information, environmental information and trigger. And then the instructor depicts how the student handles the situation. Usually when the scenario is completed teacher and students discuss the events of the scenario and evaluate the outcomes. In role playing the instructor must elaborate the purpose of the activity and the ultimate goal that has to be achieved, furthermore there must be a clear understanding of the lesson that is to be learned. Some times instructors often feel uncomfortable with this type of instructional strategy because they need to implement certain class room strategies that would minimize noise, assure that every student has a chance to receive feedback and keep the people on task as they practice in small groups. Certain past negative experiences also result in rejecting and not implementing this strategy. But as the instructors learn how to cope effectively and efficiently with these concerns they usually embrace these strategies and would achieve favorable results. However role play intervention has its merits and demerits and it varies with situation to situation that when to use this methodology and when to not. Role playing can be a positive activity as the students are placed in real world scenarios and they can easily evaluate the positive and the negative consequences of each scenario. Similarly role playing can enhance an individual’s self image and its self esteem....

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