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basketball essay

Topics: Basketball, High school, Obesity, Hypertension / Pages: 2 (539 words) / Published: May 7th, 2014
Basketball growing up
Do you ever get the feeling where your in a situation the clock is winding down to zero and you have the ball, take a shot and it goes in? The feeling when you get the finish shot all the cheers from the crowd applauding you. Basketball played important role in my life that made me improve my mindset, health and stress reliever.
I started to enjoy playing basketball when I was nine years old playing with my friends at school. Making my first basketball made me realize how basketball is awesome and the feeling of excitement running down my body. As years gone by I began playing basketball everyday and improving my dribbling and shooting skills. When I turned fourteen years old I decide to tryout for the varsity basketball team and I made it. My first day of practice I thought to myself I trained my body to handle any hard exercise but I was wrong. First our coach made us run for 2 miles and did suicide drills till the point where I was throwing up and thought I was dying due to dehydration. After 4 months of practicing my body got used to the harsh drills. All the hard drills made our body and stamina stronger that we could play for a long time. Stepping in the court and seeing the crowds around me made nervous to the point where I thought to myself “what if I make a mistake or miss a shot” all the negative thought running to my mind. I gather up my strength to overcome my nervousness and started to play my first game. After I graduated my passion for basketball didn’t end here. As I enter my first year as a college student I didn’t have much time playing basketball due to schoolwork overwhelming my time. Playing basketball helps me be healthy and prevent injuries. Basketball is a great combination of exercise with running and ball handling. Running helps burn fats and calories when you run back and forth in the court. Running prevents being overweight that cause obesity, high blood pressure, and strengthen your legs. Ball Handling builds muscle in your chest, biceps and triceps. These two exercise is great to keep you healthy and also cheaper then going to the gym spending so much time running on the treadmills or using weights to build your muscle. I moved to Washington to further my education and find a decent job. Having a job and going to school was so stressful. School is important because after graduating I would find a great job to be financially stable but while working is hard. Being tired and stressed prevented me from playing basketball. But I gathered my strength and went out and played basketball. Playing by myself helped me relieved my stress and help me think how can I manage my time going to school and at the same time working. That is why finding a activities that you love will help relieve your stress. Playing basketball that helps my mindset, health and stress relieve is important part of my life. The passion that started when I was nine years old helps me become the person I am today.

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