Barriers in Imc

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“Integrated marketing communications are far from reality in most companies. A number of strong barriers prevent IMC from being implemented quickly and efficiently.”- De Pelsmacker

Managing Marketing Communications



Integrated Marketing Communications, (IMC) has been one of the major communications developments in the last decade of the 20th century (Kitchen & Schultz 1999, 2000) It is regarded as a fundamental paradigm shift in the thinking and practice of marketing communications. Although marketing communications has been used as the umbrella term to group various communication functions, it is IMC that brings strategic integration to these functional areas, to reach consumers and other stakeholders effectively. (Duncan & Everett, 1993) IMC is no longer just a communication process, but an integration of the brand with the management. The IMC diffusion curve has begun to accelerate, due to today’s highly fragmented media marketplace and the dwindling attention spans of consumers. IMC is no longer an inside-out approach, but an outside-in; and has moved beyond tactical juxtaposition of channels. It is driven by buyers or potential buyers of products and services, to bring sharp focus to orient all communications and touch-points with the consumer. This cross-functional process is the center of all relationships. It is an on-going, circular process that creates brand value in the form of sales, profits, and brand equity. IMC has become a strategic tool, in helping to ensure synergy and consistency of messages, regardless of the vehicle used to deliver the message. It is also important to note, that though there is ample focus on IMC, integrated marketing and integrated marketing communications, (IMC), are intrinsically interdependent, one cannot function without the other. IMC can never function in a disintegrated organisation, and equally an integrated organisation will make it impossible for

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