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Homework Chapter 2

How has the emphasis on return on investment changed the relationship between advertising and the media?

That will depend directly on the media and the product, and we can have a greater impact on television if the product is aimed at a market like housewives and used the time of the novels or else the target which aim is to executives and direct our campaign to specific magazines or websites they frequent this user group. My concluded is that the emphasis on ROI is directly proportional the market that we target and the environment is identified with that specific market. This will return the profits election wise based on investment laid.

Compare and contrast the three types of convergence discussed in this chapter and their effect on advertising?

Technological convergence is the kind of communication we can establish through modern technological tools as inteligenmtes phones, social media, the tablet using the internet as a communication.
Business convergence is the traditional management of communication based on a strategic plan previously established by an agency or advertising company. Content convergence is the effective use of information that describes and defines the product, which can be expressed in graphical or text.

How does advertising complement other elements of marketing communication?

Integrated marketing communications assures that all types elements of marketing communications are carefully linked together. Integrated marketing ensures that all components of a company's marketing convey the same message and that all employees understand and use the company's core message.

One element of integrated marketing communications is a company's brand, which must be conveyed consistently. A brand is a name, sign or symbol used to identify a company and/or its products and services. A brand is also a promise to the marketplace on what will be delivered.

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