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Self-Assessment Score Sheet
Directions: Complete the following self-assessments: A Twenty-First-Century Manager, “TT” Leadership Style, Intuitive Ability, Conflict Management Strategies, Time Management Profile, Organizational Design Preference, and Which Culture Fits You?” These self-assessments are located in Week 1 of your course shell. Read the scoring narrative provided at the end each self-assessment and record your score in the appropriate area below. Then, read the interpretation narrative and write a brief interpretation of what your score means.

Assessment: A Twenty-First-Century Manager
PMF Score: ___10__

Assessment: “TT” Leadership Style Assessment
“Transformational” Leader Score: __29___“Transactional” Leader Score: __21___ Interpretation:

Assessment: Intuitive Ability
Intuitive Score: ___9_

Assessment: Conflict Management Strategies
Yielding tendency: __7___ Compromising tendency: _9___
Forcing tendency: ___5__Problem-solving tendency: __12___ Avoiding tendency: __9___

Assessment: Time Management Profile
Score: ___10__

Assessment: Organizational Design Preference
Score: ____52

Assessment: Which Culture Fits You?
Score: ___7__

The criminal justice process is different steps taken towards criminals. There are many different steps beginning with a criminal investigation and ending with corrections. The process differs from state to state; however, the criminal justice process involves the following stages.

The first step in this process is the investigation/arrest; this is the action that must take place before anything else. This step is usually done be police. When a crime is committed, officials have two primary concerns, who committed the crime, and what the motive was. The investigation of the crime must be done before an arrest can be made. There are four...
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