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Executive Summary

This report has been done to understand Bardot’s position in the Fashion industry. By understanding Bardot better, we will identify their the advantages and disadvantages of the company. This report has been split into five sections:

1. History and Company Profile

2. SWOT analysis

3. Positioning

4. Conclusion

5. Recommendation

This report have help us realized that in today’s world, Fashion has been a very huge influence on us. In the fashion industry, Bardot is still like a new baby compared to other competitors. It has some good advantages but overall, Bardot has a lot to improve on at the same time to make the company expand.

Bardot as a company did not do very well in understanding their Competitors. This is one of the most important factors I have observed while doing this report. How can you not understand who your competitors are? If a company do not understand who their competitors are, how are they suppose to compete themselves in the industry? In the marketing world, it is not only important to understand who your targeted segments are, it is also very important to understand and study who your competitors are. However, I have listed out a number of competitor in this report according to the market segment they are targeting at.

Why would young adults buy Bardot instead of other brands? What can Bardot do to attract youngsters these days? Due to influences by the Baby Boomers, people in our world today are willing to spend money on clothing. Especially with young adults preferably from Generation Y and Generation Z, they are the people who would want to look good because of peer pressure. These kids are willing to spend money on clothing within even thinking twice if they are able to afford them.

As well as that, with globalization and outsourcing on the other hand, clothes can be bought for a much cheaper price. Efficiency also plays a enormous role in the fashion industry today. Look at all the big international brands they all portray fast fashion. This is also another section Bardot is not very good at. Just by Increasing efficiency itself, will drives more targeted consumer into stores.

Even though there are imperfections with Bardot today, with improvement to the company I believe Bardot will be climbing up the ladders in no time.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2


1. History of Bardot7

2. SWOT Analysis8

2.1 Strength9

2.2 Weakness10

2.2.1 Understanding your Target Market10
2.2.2 Window Display10
2.2.3 Sizing11
2.3.1 Strong Design Team12
2.3.2 Online Shopping12
2.3.3 James Marlon12

2.4 Threats13

2.4.1 International cultural and political behavior13
2.4.2 International Demographic View13
2.4.3 Seasonal Changes13

3. Positioning14

3.1 Competitors15

3.1.1 Sportsgirl15
3.1.2 Forever New15
3.1.3 Wish15
3.1.4 Pilgim15
3.1.5 Mink Pink16
3.1.6 Just Jeans16
3.1.7 Supre16
3.1.8 Dotti16
3.1.9 Cotton on16

3.2 Consumer Segment17

3.2.1 Female Young Graduates18
3.2.2 High school and College students18

4. Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Industry in Australia19

4.1 Demographic19
4.1 Economic20
4.3 Sociocultural21

5. Conclusion23

6. Recommendation25

6.1 Technology25
6.2 International Demand25
6.3 Target Market & Competitors25
6.4 James Marlon26
6.5 Efficiency26


I have prepared this SWOT analysis report as a requirement for my Marketing for fashion course in Associate Degree in Fashion and Textile Merchandising. This report is written for Tony Cooper. This assignment involves both understanding “Bardot” as an Australian clothing company and concluding the company’s position in the Fashion Industry in Australia.

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