Banker Challenge in Customer’s Expectation

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1.1 Origin3

1.2 Purpose3

1.3 Limitation3

2.Banker Challenge in Customer’s Expectation4

2.1 Introduction5

2.2 Expectation5

2.3 Customer Expectation5

2.4 Customer Satisfaction6

2.5 Importance of Customer Satisfaction6

2.6 The Importance of Excellent Customer Service15

2.7 Perspective of Customer Expectation in Bank6

2.7.1 Channel Amplification7 Better Communication – increase profit potential7 Better Mobility – increase competitive agility7 Better Customer Insight - find new opportunities7 2.7.2 Service Accessibility8 Accessibility in the Aging World9 Impetus on Banks9
2.7.3 Customer Serviceability9 Impetus on Banks9 Impetus on Banks11
2.7.5. Simplified Banking11 Impetus on Banks12
3.Findings & Conclusion13

3.1 Findings of the report14

3.2 Final Ranking15

3.3 Conclusion16

Chapter 1



1.1 Origin

This report is done for our honorable teacher Priyabrata Chowdhury as requirement of completion of Marketing Management Course (EM702) as a part of EMBA program in BUP during session of 2010-11.This was a group effort. The group consists of 3 members; they are Md. Mozammel Haque Bhuiyan, Hossain Md. Abad and Adward Sapon Dhaki.

1.2 Purpose

• To study the customer expectation in banking sector for customer satisfaction • To make rank the customer expectation in banking sector based on banker’s perception.

1.3 Limitation

• It was often difficult to correlate theory with practice as the customer expectation in banking sector. • Due to the data analysis of different person. So it always various person to person. • Corporate executives usually remain very busy. It is difficult to get adequate time from them. More importantly, sometimes they expressed once, which was embarrassing for the authors. • The basic limitation of the study was time bindings and the volumes of the report ask itself. • Due to the collect information from different bank like Commercial, Privet, Foreign Privet bank. So it always various banker’s idea about the customer expectation. • We collect information on basis of bank which is situated in Dhaka city .So not possible the overall situation of the whole Bangladesh or the world customer expectation in banking sector. Beyond all these we believe the best is done here as far as we are concern.

Chapter 2


Banker Challenge in Customer’s Expectation

2.1 Introduction

This is the era of Globalization. Every business sector in this world became more challenging. Banking sector is also a good business sector in this world. During last decade even in Bangladesh this sector became saturated though more new Banks have approved to conduct their business in Bangladesh. In this situation to sustain in this sector and get profit every Bank have to ensure their best service to the customer. They have to know the customer expectation and the change of customer choice with the course of time. Few years ago this was monopoly sector for the government but now many privet and foreign banks are conducting their business and are holding their leading position. Now the customers are very smart as they are introduced with the modern technology of Banking. They have lots of expectation to their Bank and as they can compare the service of a particular Bank with other Banks.

Considering this aspect Banks are also more care full and conscious about customer expectation to get customer satisfaction. In this report we tried to get the customer expectations from the Bankers perspective.

2.2 Expectation

Expectation is what is considered the most likely...
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