Banglalink Hr Practice

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Banglalink Customer Care HR Practices

Making a Difference

Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning is one of the most important elements in a successful HRM program. Specifically, human resource planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has right number and kinds of people, at the right places, at the right time

capable of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks that will help the organization achieve its overall objectives.
As Banglalink is a concern of Orascom Telecom so its HR Planning is given great importance. Banglalink customer cares have following division:

Care Line (CL)
Call Center (CC)
Investigation Regulation Unit (IRU)
Information Technological Service Unit (ITSU)
Planning and Development
Quality Assurance Unit(QAU)
Credit Management Unit(CMU)
Complain Management Unit(CMU)
Customer Care Unit(CCU)

All the divisions take the following HR Planning Process-
Set Organizational Objectives and Strategies
Analyze Internal Inventory of HR Capabilities
Scan External Environment for Changes Affecting Employee Supply Organizational Need for Employee
Forecasting HR Supply and Demand
Finally Fixed HR Strategies and Plans

Job Design and Analysis

Job design is really important issue for any organizations HR practices. It refers to organizing tasks, duties, and responsibilities into a productive unit of work. It addresses the content of kobs and the effect of jobs on employees. Job design is receiving greater attention for three major reasons:

Job design can influence performance in certain jobs, especially those where employee motivation can make a substantial difference. Lower costs through reduced turnover and absenteeism also are related to good job design Job design can affect job satisfaction. Because people are more satisfied with certain job configurations than with others, identifying what makes a “good” job becomes critical.

Job design can affect both physical and mental health. Problems such as hearing loss, backache, and leg pain sometimes can be traced directly to job design, as can stress, high blood pressure, and heart disease.


All the divisions of Banglalink customer cares show the following criterias as job design process-
Effective job enlargement and job enrichment available there Job rotation is done in all divisions when needed
Both top and bottom level employees get autonomy and feedback in their job procedure
Both special-purpose teams and self directed work teams available in all the divisions
Employees can get flextime schedule, compressed schedule and shifting schedule when needed.

Job analysis obtains information about jobs, and it uses that information to develop job

description and job specification and to conduct job evaluations. These, in turn, are available in helping managers identify the kinds of individuals they should recruit, select, and develop as well as providing guidance for decisions about training and career development, performance appraisal, and compensation administration.

All the divisions show the following characteristics-
Effective job analysts are available there
Total framework of a job is rechecking by expertise groups in multiple times Effective diversity programmes are allocate there with all division Equal Employment Opportunity(EEO) is managed in all divisions with great care

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is the discovering of potential applicant for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies.
Recruitment is the process of attracting qualified candidates for jobs in the public or private sector. It is a process by which the needed personnel are found and they become interested to apply for the vacant post. Recruitment process of Banglalink Customer Care:

Recruitment process flowchart:

Flaw Chart

Recruitment Goals: For a large company have some recruitment goals. These...
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