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Chapter 4
Place yourself in the position of general manager of service department. How might formally written job requirements help you manager your work unit? Having a written job description can cut back on confusion, can create goals for the work unit and help to Classify and reclassifying positions with in the current work unit. By designing and implementing effective classification by maintaining a written job description I would be able to give my work unit a guideline that they can follow on a day to day basis to ensure that we produce the best product possible.

Discuss the various methods by which job analysis can be completed. Compare and contrast these methods, noting the pros and cons of each.Various methods of job analysis are: review of job classification systems, incumbent interviews, supervisor interviews ,expert panels ,structured questionnaires ,task inventories ,check lists ,open-ended questionnaires ,observation and incumbent work logs. A typical method of Job Analysis would be to give the incumbent a simple questionnaire to identify job duties, responsibilities, equipment used, work relationships, and work environment. The completed questionnaire would then be used to assist the Job Analyst who would then conduct an interview of the incumbent(s). A draft of the identified job duties, responsibilities, equipment, relationships, and work environment would be reviewed with the supervisor for accuracy. The Job Analyst would then prepare a job description and/or job specifications. The method that you may use in Job Analysis will depend on practical concerns such as type of job, number of jobs, number of incumbents, and location of jobs.

Collect at least five different job descriptions from organizations in your area. Compare the descriptions highlighting similarities and differences.  Why is accounting for employee motivation such an important aspect of designing today’s jobs? In order to create the most effective employee motivational system, a balance needs to be struck between positive reinforcement and punitive measures towards employees who have a negative impact upon the organization. When initiating a punitive motivational system, it is important to avoid creating an overly competitive workplace, which uses the positive reinforcement given to the best employees as an excuse for constantly raising the bar to the point where some employees begin to feel a lack of confidence and inadequacy. This can then be attributed to employee dissatisfaction as outlined in the Two Factor Theory. Using a punitive motivational system should be reserved for behavioral issues such as frequent tardiness or disrespectful interpersonal behavior.

The job characteristics model has five components that enhance employee job skill variety, task identify, task significance , autonomy and feedback. Give an example illustrating how each component can be used to improve the organization and the job of the employee. (suggestion, consider your present or recent job to answer the question.)

Job skill variety- Skill variety involves the number of different types of skills that are used to do a job. This area is important because using only one skill to do the same task repeatedly can be quite boring, typically causing the employee's productivity to decrease. EX: multitasking; answering phones while typing letters or documents

Task identify- Task identity is the visible outcome of completing a task from start to end. You can see that each step of the task was completed and nothing was left out or skipped over. It does not include just doing a portion of a job. Task identity is very important to having job satisfaction from your employers. EX: A receptionist Answers phones and takes messages

Task significance- Extent to which an identifiable piece of work (job) affects, or is important to, others within or outside the organization. An employee's knowledge of other people's dependence on the work he or she is doing...
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