Ban on Eating Cats and Dogs

Topics: Dog, Cat, Animal welfare Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Animal Behavior

Have you ever considered eating a dog or a cat, or wondered what it would taste like? In America eating a dog or cat is a very controversial issue and is not accepted by society as a whole. In foreign countries they will consume almost every animal that inhabits their land but in American society it is frowned upon to eat food like the foreigners do. Is it morally wrong or unethical to eat a source of food that is not considered a delicacy? Everyone must eat in order to live. Most of us think that what we eat, and the way they eat it, is the normal or correct pattern. Therefore anyone who eats different things is considered odd. Until relatively recently, human societies were localized and had their own localized eating habits. In the 20th and 21st centuries, globalization has led to culinary conflicts as one culture's delicacy is another culture's taboo. To some the cat is a legitimate food source. Others find the concept of cat-eating repugnant. Dogs and cats are domesticated animals that we have as house pets, and sometimes they are a person’s lone companion. As a society we have concluded that a dog is mans best friend, and as a result we tend to treat them like people. A cow, chicken, and a pig all have been tried to be domesticated and it’s near impossible because of the lack of brain capacity in those animals. We allow ourselves to consume those animals because it’s a staple in our society and we have grown accustom to having those foods. A dog or cat can be taught and trained and they have the ability to be able to live with people unlike other animals. How could you be susceptible to eating a dog or cat when they have acquired roles in the human society as a best friend to man? This is a very controversial issue and some would agree with the thought food is food and everything that can be consumed should be, but then you have those who believe that it is unethical and immoral to consume these select two animals.

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