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history; landscape mosaic; predation; ABSTRACT: Growth rate is an important life history trait, which impacts fitness indirectly through its effect on the age and size at maturity, as well as directly through costs associated with accelerated growth such as increased predation risk. Genetic variation and plasticity in growth are widespread in nature, and local adaptation of growth rate may evolve due to divergent selection in different environments, for example related to predation risk, temperature or...

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Wolf and Moose Predator Prey Relationship in Isle Royale National Park: 1949-2014

Park Service that would support the existence of an unmanaged wolf population. In 1958 Durward Allen and his graduate student Dave Mench met Linn when they first visited Isle Royale when they began a 10-year study to evaluate the role of the wolf predation and the dynamics of the moose population. Allen launched the project with funds from the National Geographic Society and the United States Forest Service. Linn would also become a huge supporter both morally and financially. Historically wolves...

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Essay Notes on Optimal Foraging Theory

species may also be in suboptimal condition in terms of escaping from preds. As flight is the predominant escape mode in birds, this is particularly important. Impaired flight abilities due to increased wing loading may increase vulnerability to predation. Following field observations which showed that birds often maintain smaller reserves than expected, Gosler et. al. (1995) stated that there is the implication of a cost to being fat. They demonstrated this by relating the body mass of a prey species...

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NRC 261 Exam 2 Study Guide

unrelated to the predator -removal of predator such as the wolf from Yellowstone Be able to explain "top-down" vs. "bottom-up" regulation of animal populations and the role the predators play in each. -top down: hypothesis that argues that predation does the regulation for structures ecosystems -> if predator limit herbivorous animals sufficiently (pressure from top down) then production of the bottom of the food chain is abundant with reduced herbivores -bottom up: hypothesis that argues...

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Choice of Poecillia Reticulata

and other distinguished behavior patterns. A species habitat plays the key role in its life; it’s a determinant in its sexual selection, distribution and overall behavior. Guppies that are in their natural habitats must adapt to outside threats of predation, drought and other variables that may impact their mating or food source. Our experiment tested a total of 25 guppies, each being taken from a heavily populated atmosphere and placed into two separate tanks where it was the only occupant. Would it...

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Species Interaction

in an ecosystem. * The interactions between two species need not be through direct contact. Species may affect each other through intermediaries such as shared resources or common enemies. Major factors in evolution and adaptation: * Predation * Competition for scarce resources Terminologies: * Habitat – the actual physical location where a species lives. * Conditions – physical or chemical attributes of the environment. * Resources – substances that can be consumed...

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mountain lion

dramatically. Today, there are areas where no deer can be found that were plentiful just a few years ago. Lion predation is a major factor in the deer decline. Jeff Davis County, Texas, is prime mountain lion country. One rancher there usually took 80 paid deer hunters on his property every year. With the significant increase in lions, that same rancher today takes no hunters due primarily to lion predation on the deer. Another problem in this same area of Texas is the decline of the porcupine. Although the...

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Background Research Paper

galls were also attack by birds. The two birds that mostly attack the Eurosta solidagnis were the downy wood pecker and the black-capped chickadee. The amount of bird predation vary from site to site (Abrahamson et al. 1989). It was found by many scientists that the gall size has a direct relationship with the type and amount of predation that came toward the gall fly. Cane and Kurczewski (1976) found the amount of mortality factors of the population of the Eurosta solidagnis and how much of an influence...

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damage. In studies the most common reason given to cull foxes was to reduce fox predation on livestock and game. Studies however have shown that lamb mortality due to foxes is so low as to be considered insignificant4 . It is a fiercely debated topic whether fox predation has a significant impact on wild game populations5. Studies into fox predation on pheasants during their time in release pens concluded that fox predation is perceived as a minor problem and that the average percentage loss was between...

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BIO120 Proposal

1000698177 TA – Adriana Salcedo Species #19 Does the tail length of Nausa Narica affect the species survival from predation? Introduction The White-Nosed Coati (Nausa Narica) belongs to the Procyonidae family and is a relative of the raccoon. The most prominent feature that distinguishes Nausa Narica is it’s long tail, which extends to about 50 cm in length, and accounts for approximately half of its total body span. The white-nosed coati inhabits dry and moist forests all throughout South...

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