Ban on Burqas

Topics: Woman, Hijab, European Court of Human Rights Pages: 6 (1594 words) Published: February 10, 2015
Hadee Haque
Professor Isip
English 1301
France Should Rethink the Ban on Burqa
Ever since Islam has begun, in the 7th century, women have been accustomed to wear the burqa. The burqa is a piece of clothing that covers the entire body, only leaving the eyes open. The burqa can be broken down to three pieces; the first piece covers the body from neck all the way down to the ankles, the second piece, also called the niqab, covers the face only leaving the eyes open, and the third piece, also called the hijab, covers the hair. In the 21st century, the century that people are fighting for Human rights, France decides to ban the burqa. Why did they ban the burqa? In Timothy Ash’s article, he says that there are three main reasons for the ban: “… a threat to public safety,” “an open society is one in which we can see each other’s faces,” and “women are compelled to veil themselves by fathers or husbands.” France should revise this law because it seems like an ethnocentric decision and with this law active it breaks traditions passed down for 14 centuries, aggravates Muslims, and will cause France to have financial repercussions.

While growing up, I’ve always seen my mom wear a burqa before she left the house, and I always wondered why she would do that. When I was 13 I found out it was to hide her beauty from others. Now why would a female decide to hide her beauty from others? Now a day’s women are trying to show off how beautiful they are and attract men. That’s the reason Muslim female decide to hide their beauty is to not attract other men, distract men during religious event, and only allow their husband to see their true beauty. If you see, the more the girls reveal and show off their beauty, more men gen attracted, which makes men distracted, and more men start to cheat on their girlfriends, wives, etc. Now some might say that female wear the burqa because their parents or husband force them. In Ash’s article, a study was done and showed that “almost all insist this [wearing the burqa] was a matter of free personal choice. Several chose to wear it against the initial resistance of husbands, fathers and mothers.” The reason parents and husbands don’t want their daughter/wife to wear the burqa is because people stare, some hit, and with the ban, some call the police. Chrisafis interviewed a woman who was attacked by strangers because she was wearing the burqa. “The last time she was attacked in the street a man and woman punched her in front of her daughter, called her a whore and told her to go back to Afghanistan… ‘I have to prepare for war every time I step outside, prepare to come up against people who want to put a bullet in my head.’“ But still she decides to wear a burqa every time she leaves the house. Knowing all this, why keep the ban on burqa? One of the reasons was because of public safety, but an innocent person was hurt in public, but it doesn’t concern them because she went against the law and wore a burqa. Nicholas interviewed a woman who wears the burqa who said, “The veil was as much a part of her identity as our DNA is of ours.” Even though it’s not a religious thing, it is a cultural thing that has been around for centuries and it has become a tradition to wear within families. There is no good reason to ban the burqa, which break people’s traditions and violate Human Rights. All this has done is anger the Muslims and increase crime rates.

Wearing the burqa is a sacred thing; so just by placing a ban won’t stop female Muslims from wearing it. In Beardsley article, an incident occurred where a police officer asked a woman with her husband “to lift the garment and show her face.” This obviously angered the husband and the “husband attacked the police officer.” After the husband was arrested, “youths threw rocks and fireworks; the police responded with rubber bullets. Cars were set ablaze.” This is just one of the many riots that are occurring in France because of this ban that has been placed....

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