baby boom

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Baby Boom
In Canada there are is around thirty- four million people who vary in age. There are people who range from the age of zero to one hundred plus. More people come into Canada every year causing the average ages to go up and down. As our country gets older the people of the country get older as well. The further we advance into the future, more things are being discovered throughout the years. The baby boom in 1946 till 1964 has brought in a lot of babies, and ever since then they have been aging and the average age has been rising. The baby boom has made a significant change in the generation we are in now. As people get older the number of deaths per birth is increasing dramatically, seniors are having delayed retirements, and more money is being spent on seniors than on any other age group.

As of this year, 2013, the baby boomers range from 49 to 67 years old. The average expectancy for a human is eighty years old, and the boomers have already made it past half of the life expectancy. They only have a couple of decades before they are known to die. There were 8.2 million births within those eighteen years. Within another twenty years there would probably be around 8.2 million deaths (“Generations in Canada” Sec. 2). This will cause there to be more deaths per birth, unless there was another baby boom.

Women had an average of 2.9 children if they were 34-35 years old at the beginning of the baby boom (Jacques, “Baby Boom” Par. 2). This means that each family had an average of two to three kids, and that is a family of four to five. Jacques stated that teenagers who were thirteen to seventeen years old had an average of 3.3 children (Jacques, “Baby Boom” Par. 2). Fifty percent of the women and girls started to get married at such a young age and started to have kids a year after being married. Soldiers had missed their wives and women in general, so they were looking forward to making babies.

The number of babies being produced every year had doubled within 1960. The average amount of “babies per year in 1940 was 253 000 but that was doubled to 479 000 in 1960” (Jacques, “Baby Boom” Par. 4). Since the number of babies produced was doubled, that means the number of seniors has been doubled since the previous years. From 1946-1964 the baby boom has produced 1.5 million more babies than there should have been on an average (Jacques, “Baby Boom” Par. 4). This is why they called this year the baby boom, because of the amount of babies that were born throughout these years.

The babies born during the baby boom are most likely going to die within 2026 to 2044. Within this year range about the same amount of births in 1946-1964 will die, 8.2 million. An average of four hundred thousand deaths would happen within these years, because that was the average babies born during the baby boom. This will cause the deaths per year to increase dramatically. This will happen all around the world and not just Canada, because the baby boom affected a lot of countries around the world. There is also a high chance of the deaths per year to be greater than births per year, causing the world’s population to decrease.

A good percentage of the Canadian workforce consists of seniors. The ratio of young workers to senior workers has fallen to 1:3 in 2010 since 1991 which was 3:1 (Yves, Diana, “An Aging Workforce” Par. 2). This ratio has fallen because the baby boomers where considered young workers, and now they are seniors who are still working in the same job since 1991. The cause of a high un-employment rate of young workers is because the seniors are having late retirements.

When seniors start to have late retirements and work for a longer time, this has a big impact on young workers. Jobs won’t be looking to hire younger people to do the job when they have experienced seniors already working for them. Seniors have more experience in the workforce than many young adults and adults, and this causes a lot of people to go...
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