Avoiding Plagiarism

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English 1301Assignment: Avoiding Plagiarism
Many students accidentally plagiarize because they cannot find a way to get their own points of view and voices into the essays they are trying to write. In “Theft, Fraud, and Loss of Voice,” a chapter from his book Transition to College Writing, Keith Hjortshoj explains to student writers the importance of establishing their own voice and points of view so that the sources they use can be woven into their arguments in ways that reduce the likelihood (and temptation) of both accidental and intentional plagiarism.  Read “Theft, Fraud, and Loss of Voice,” from Transition to College Writing, by Keith Hjortshoj. As you read each section, look for information that will help you respond to the following questions: What is plagiarism? Why is it considered a serious transgression in academia? Is the theft of someone else’s “brainchild” and the origin of the word conveys the seriousness of such offenses in the view of college teachers and administrators. , Is a transgression in academia because words, ideas, and research are the main form of currency in academic life. Identify at least five practices that may be classified as plagiarism. Submitting copies of a single paper as the individual work of some students. Writing a paper for someone.

Having someone else write a paper for you and turning it with your name. Turning in a paper that you previously wrote for another course, or one paper for two current courses. What are some reasons students plagiarize?

Heavy workloads and intense competition
What are some ways instructors recognize plagiarism in students’ work? Teachers are more familiar with published sources on a subject that students realize. Many teachers are attuned to shifts of voice and style, both within a paper and from one paper to the next. They can tell when the author has changed. Teachers talk to one another about student work, more than students realize, and show papers they have received to...
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