Aviation Information Technology

Topics: Southwest Airlines, Low-cost carrier, Airline Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: January 6, 2010
Technological progress has been going on in the sector of Aviation from time to time. Since the 1980s, Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) has been transforming tourism globally. This essay will be looking into the matter how ICT in the aviation industry has changed the way costumers book their flight through internet, by looking at various sources. The other issue the essay would be focusing at is what customers demand from the websites of the airlines to help make their work easier by helping them to find the right thing for them.

The development of the ICT specially the internet has empowered the consumers and is giving them an exceptional value for money and time (Twenty years on and 10 years after the Internet: The state of eTourism research, 2008). Where internet is helping consumers to save their time on the same time internet is helping the companies to reduce their costs’. Consumers are now able book their paperless tickets online. The fares have been reduced as there are no agents wanting their commission. Sometimes consumers also get financial incentives for self-booking online (eAirlines: strategic and tactical use of ICTs in the airline industry,buhalis,2004). No-frills airlines are using their web sites to attract and communicate directly with consumers (E. Jorgensen, Southwest Airlines: Success Story).This enables them to bypass travel agencies and their commissions. In 2003, both Easyjet and Ryanair achieved more than 92% of their bookings through their web sites, whilst Southwest sold 50% of its tickets on its web site (eAirlines: strategic and tactical use of ICTs in the airline industry).

Researching the information is a very significant part of a decision process which has revolutionized by the internet. The more the consumer researches about trip, the more information he has, which eventually helps him deciding the best for him. ICT does not only reduce uncertainty and perceived risks but also enhance the quality of trips...

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