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Topics: Balanced field takeoff, Length, Takeoff Pages: 4 (1816 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Class Exercise #2
Takeoff Profiles
Gopichand Thotakura
Markel Tyler
AS-420 Section 2
Section 1: Learning Outcomes
In this exercise, we believe the learning outcomes were the following: Determine the V1, Vr, and Balanced Field Length for the flight profiles. Determining the difference between engine-out performances in regard to the normal performance. Analyze the penalty and see the effect on delayed rejected/ aborted takeoffs; effects of a decision to rotate earlier. See the aircraft’s performance with various headwind and tailwind conditions. Learn to effectively fly the profile in normal conditions and engine out/ emergency situations. Learn to work with different crew members

Section 2: Procedures
For this exercise, the procedures we followed were to initially find out the V1, Vr and the Balanced Field Length for the aircraft. By working as a crew we reviewed the flight profile to see what the flight procedure would be to understand how to determine the speeds for the aircraft. Each crew member had a different role in completing the exercise. One crew member flew the aircraft on the program making airplane inputs; another was reading the directions on the flight profile directing the one flying. We paused the profile any and every time we had a question or found a result; jotting it in our books to gather the results. Section 3: Results

Suggested Data Table for Analyzing Takeoff Differences
VR 134
Both Eng/Eng Out Pitch Attitude @ V2 16.6/12.0
Fine-tuned V1 124
Fine-tuned Accel/Stop Distance 5650
Fine-tuned Accel/Go Distance 6207
Normal Takeoff Distance ( Ground roll, to 35’ & 1.15) 4300/4900/5600 Accel/Stop Distance (2 sec delay) 6526
Accel/Stop Distance (4 sec delay) 7126
Acc/Go Distance to Vlof (ground roll) and altitude at the BFL distance’ (early V1 go) 5700/6000 Takeoff distance with headwinds and tailwinds. (ground roll, to 35’ & 1.15) 2787/3985 4300/5786

Normal Takeoff Distance (ground roll, to 35’...
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