Audience Analysis Paper

Topics: Steve Jobs, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, IPod Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: July 7, 2013
The video with Steve Jobs introducing the “First Ever iPod” was incredible. When viewing the video presentation the audience demographics as in age and socio-cultural background, I felt geared towards the age demographic and socio-cultural background that is known to be the Y generation overall; but markets the iPod to all ages and cultural backgrounds. The Y generation is any person that is born after the year 1983. [1] Generation Y was the first to grow up with computers in their homes and they used technology at higher rates than people from other generations.  In Steve Jobs presentation he went back to the start of the CD player, then proceeded to explain the other music options that were available. Generation Y has been through all of the music options he discussed, since they were the generation to want all of that new technology at the time it became available. Although generation Y may understand the extensive information Steve has presented in his presentation, Steve discuss how you can [2] “take the iPod biking, mountain climbing, etc…”this exemplifies the fact that the iPod is suitable for all ages and cultural backgrounds no matter what kind of music you enjoy. Being a generation Y baby, I have seen the evolvement of music since the start of the CD player when it came out, to the now latest iPod music technology. I have come to this conclusion that the age and socio-cultural background is not specific to the iPod brand, Steve wants the iPod to cater to all people who would want their product. Steve Jobs did a great job using Aristotle’s logos in his presentation. He had plethora research in his presentation that went from what technology music devices available prior to the iPod, how much music space those devices hold, and the cost of music broken down based on what electronic device was available. As the presentation develops Steve Jobs is exemplifying logos of the development of the iPod. Aristotle’s Ethos is exemplified in Steve Jobs presentation...

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