Audience Analysis Paper

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When speaking to any group of people its important to know your audience and how to effectively communicate the information you want them to understand. I have been called upon to present a quarterly sales meeting, in which stakeholders, managers, customers, and salespeople will be my target audience. I thought it would be beneficial to write this paper to help those, that may find themselves in similar situations, how to better accomplish this task. I understand how speaking at an in-person meeting may be intimidating and can get off course easily. With the use of our technology today face-to-face meetings can become far and in between. So my hopes are for this to be a guide to better communication. Audience Characteristics

Since I will be speaking to a wide group of people its important to know how much this audience already knows on the topic at hand. With my audience being those that my company represents I have to be careful with what information is being given. This can negatively or positively have an impact on the way they view the company. Since I will be going over quarterly sales my topic will be dealing with profits, productivity, and concerns. This can be easily adjusted to the subject and audience you will be covering . My goal in this meeting as well as yours, would be to inform the audience. I would also be building the image and goodwill I want them to take away from this meeting. Communication Channels

The communication channels I will be using will be internal. Internal channels are any type of communication done by the use of face-to-face, emails, memos, or newsletters between those that are directly affected within the business. External channels are communication done between the business and the outside world by the use of press releases, commercials, statements, and articles to name a few. Since this is a face-to-face meeting there are a few things to consider. Starting off would be the way I communicate...

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