Unit 1 M1

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BTEC Level 3 in Business – Unit 4: Business Communication Context
Businesses need accurate information. This information has to move between different individuals, different departments and different organisations. The information can be anything from a simple idea to masses of data on business performance. It can come from inside an organisation or from almost anywhere outside. Put simply, a business that does not plan how to deal with this information is a business much more likely to fail. The Scenario

A medium sized business organisation has identified that communication within their organisation is poor. This has resulted in the calling in of a management consultant (you) to help but together a communication strategy. You will be expected to offer guidance on: How and why different types of information need to be communicated in different ways. Where information comes from.

How and why information needs to be recorded and stored.
Explaining what can happen when communication breaks down.
Explaining technological issues affecting information.
What laws and other rules control and constrain the flow of information. You will be expected to produce a report and present your ideas to a selected audience.

Task 1
Produce a PowerPoint presentation that explains the nature of communication in business and the various types of information used by a business. You must also explain where this information can come from and how it should be used. [P1]

Task 2
The business has recorded a large financial loss during the last trading year. You have been asked to advise the board of directors on how to give this news to: A meeting of shareholders.
A financial institution, such as a bank, that might loan money to the business. The staff of the business.
In each case the information will be presented in a way that will best suit the purpose of the business and the recipient of the information. [P2]
Task 3
Produce examples of the types of documents that would...
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