Attitude and job satisfaction

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Tutorial----Attitude and job satisfaction
Ren Hai

Q1: Do you think that only certain individuals are attracted to these types of jobs, or is it the characteristics of the jobs themselves that are satisfying?

Most of the people hope to have a job that allows them to do some activities after work, to have a life outside the company. It is difficult to accept the conditions of work of the four examples. But few people accept to work like four examples. They accept because they like them work or working is a need for them so that these are the only individuals who would be attracted to those jobs with such terms. Despite the extreme nature of the jobs that can’t satisfy lot of workers, despite the high compensation and pay: these four managers’ jobs would be appreciated by people who think that jobs and their constraints are challenges. They accept challenges. They show that they are motivate despite the conditions imposed by their work. They are satisfy by them work too. This satisfaction justifies their implication in the organization and also that they accept the conditions as a positive challenge. It is motivation and satisfaction that permits to work despite work pressure.

Q2: What characteristics of these jobs might contribute to increased levels of job satisfaction?

In this case, they have stable jobs because their top managers position. They are even envied for that. Also their position in the company allows them to control many situations. They take decisions in company. They have autonomy and independence in them jobs. Travel for working is an important asset when most Americans say that they want to have a job that offers opportunity to travel. When they travel and work they also have opportunity to meet and discuss with other people for present their ideas. Finally make profit can give satisfaction and pride.

Q3: Given that the four individuals discussed above tend to be satisfied with their jobs, how might this...
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