At Last I Am a Senior

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I felt it coming over me, here comes the last time. It’s my final year before I walk out the door and I won’t be stepping back in there again for the same reasons. I mean, of course I was happy to be done with my high school career but at the same time, I could not wrap my mind around the feeling that I was on the fast track to starting the rest of my life. It started off smooth.
Throughout the year, I know I must keep my friends close by this very end I will be able to look back upon the memories and reminisce that things were quite alright. It may not be easy at all to do this, but I will fight to no end to keep the ones I love around me and hold them tight. As I said, things were going pretty good even though life has its ups and downs. Two friends that were there to guide me through the good and the bad were Carrie and Courtney. Those buddies of mine have made such an impact I don’t know how I will continue on my life journey without them. Carrie with her solid wisdom, interesting outlook on life, and crazy sense of humor rubs off on me and makes me motivated to get past struggles. Courtney with her wild personality, infinite kindness, and close attention help me to understand myself as a person and show me how unbreakable a bond truly can become. This was my true strength that carried me through it all.
On the other hand, my sports life has become unforgettable during this year. I went through injuries, successes, and unbelievable qualifications that have helped me to believe in myself and the true heart I have when giving it my all. During my swimming season, things were going along smooth, but unfortunately, I had injured my back during a practice. Now the first thought that hit me was “it’s over now, I’m done.” Oddly enough, although this happened, I got out of the water and had an instinct telling me I should keep going with the injury and I definitely did so. The swimming season continued and sectionals started and I knew this

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