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Topics: Dream, Sleep, Dreaming Pages: 5 (1490 words) Published: January 20, 2015
Austin C. Auen
Dream Journal
It was a cloudy day at what looks like Sea Side Park. My father and I were standing on isolated boulders, nearby one another other, yet every single boulder was in the shape of an upside-down cone. Underneath us were the ocean’s tide, which was low at the point. The ground was visible but instead of sand being present, there were leaves and soil. We seem to have been fishing, for we were waiting till our line gets hit on. All of a sudden sharks and alligators came crawling from the water. The shark amazingly wobbled along side with the alligator. They were heading for us and my last memory was striking the alligator in the head. I think I dreamt this out of guilt. When I was younger, me and father would always go fishing every weekend morning and weekday afternoon at Silver Lake Park. It was a hobby of ours that we shared passionately, but as I grew older, I stopped going along with him The dream theory of Wish Fulfillment could be applied to why I dreamt this. The reason why could be due to me missing my childhood, since fishing was a huge childhood hobby of mine. My high school graduation is right around the corner, and everything has been going by so fast and causing so much stress. My childhood was a time of carefree living where I didn’t have to worry about what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life or trying to juggling two jobs and school at the same time. Based off the Wish Fulfillment theory, it could also be telling me that maybe I should try going fishing with my father again

I was on a school field trip that brought us to a museum-like building when it was really a hotel. Everyone ran off the bus and immediately ran into the locker room to change into our swimwear. I was carrying a black stringed backpack which had my swim suit inside. I went into a section to change and a classmate, who I did not recognize, went with me. I remember the locker room being crowded. Someone had previous left their gym bag inside my changing area. I was curious and decided to look inside. Inside, there was a wallet with an old lady’s ID card. She was of the Caucasian decent and had grey hair. I quickly placed it back inside the bag and finished changing. Everyone was already inside the pool by the time I got done so I was last. When I got there, it looked as if everyone was laying on a plastic layering. The plastic layering was on the surface of the pool. My friend called me and I carefully tried to get in. I remember being really confused because everyone was laying there stiff. He pulled out a knife and cut the plastic layering that was around him. That’s when I yelled at him and asked what was he doing. The last thing I remembered was in the opposite corner of the pool, a girl who I did not like, just standing there. I have no idea why I would have dreamt something like this. I do not recall anything that could possible relate to swimming nor plastic wrapping. The dream theory of Activation Synthesis could be applied to why I did. I think my brain was indeed going through random activity during REM.

I was inside what appears to be the physics room. I was just standing there with a bunch of classmates when I had encountered the girl I did not like, again. This time, she had my friend’s sweater on and he was standing next to her. The sweater was navy blue and evidently big on her. I do not recall any other memory from the dream. The dream theory of Information-Processing could be applied to why I dreamt this. I think I dreamt because the same day, I had seen a picture of this girl with his hat on. Based off of past encounters and dilemma with this girl, I could have build up thoughts full of worrisome of a same incident reoccurring again. The theory of Information-Processing is the best choice to explain this dream because it addressed problems that happened earlier in the day. It also related to a concern.

I was in the car with my family while we drove to Silver Lake Park. We were...
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