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The company that we choose is Lay Hong Berhad. This company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 20 October 1994. Its core business activities are in the mass production of basic daily necessities fresh table and specialty chicken eggs, liquid egg, chilled and frozen dressed chicken, chicken parts and processed related chicken products for example frankfurters, nuggets and fried chicken. The company's products are marketed under two registered brands namely Nutriplus and Wise Choice. Besides, Lay Hong has also ventured into community type retail supermarket business in the sub urban town of Sabah, East Malaysia and currently operates 10 stores under the trade name of G MART.

The Lay Hong Berhad Group has achieved commendable growth and takes pride in the fact that over the years, it has established itself firmly as the leading producer of fresh farm eggs in Malaysia. In year 2000, the Group ventured into broiler farming and to-date has fully integrated its layer and broiler farming operations from the production of poultry feed, breeding and hatching of day old chicks, production of egg trays and the processing of chicken manure into organic fertilizer. In 2004 the Group achieved the Superbrand status awarded by the Superbrand Council of Malaysia. Continuous efforts are ongoing through aggressive marketing campaigns to maintain dominance and achieve an even greater market acceptance. With its primary activities strongly in place, in 2005 the Group progressed into downstream activities that include processing of chicken using the air-chilled technology, manufacturing of chicken frankfurters, nuggets and other chicken related products and pasteurized liquid egg. With the set-up of the state of art manufacturing plant, the Group is armed to achieve its vision to become a renowned Integrated Livestock Farmer and quality food manufacturer.

The product that we choose from this company is Nutriplus Omega-3 egg. NutriPlus with Omega-3 is the result of feeding chickens an all-natural based quality feed mix of soybean meal, corn, palm oil, vitamin mixes and flaxseed, one of nature’s richest source of Omega-3. This also results in eggs with much lower cholesterol compared to regular eggs. Besides, this product contains 5 times more Omega-3 (200-400mg per egg) and 4 times more vitamin E (2.5-3.0mg per egg), along with Vitamins A, B12 and D. Apart from helping maintain a healthy heart; Omega-3 is 'brain food' which aids in the development and function of the neurological system and of retina tissues. Compare to other’s company eggs, NutriPlus with Omega-3 of Lay Hong Company is healthier and out of the ordinary.

Current changes to the omega eggs product is the price which locally in Malaysia is at RM4.80 but we are selling the omega eggs to Hong Kong for 10 HK due to the currency change and also to importing price of the product, we set the price to one we see as reasonable but also at a high standard because our product is a very high end type of eggs hence we want to set a limit to that people are aware of how good our product is. We also lowered the amount of eggs to 6 eggs in a carton where as in Malaysia the amount of eggs is 10 eggs in a carton.

We choose Cantonese as the language on our packaging to cater to the Hong Kong crowd and also we changed the omega name to 营加 (Ying Jia) and the slogan line is "healthier, more nutrition egg” in Cantonese to encourage the local’s to try our product and also to let them know that our product contains a lot of nutrition’s compared to other eggs. We made changes to the packaging as well we choose yellow color packaging which in China represents nourishing and royalty according to their culture. We used recycled packaging to promote that we are green friendly and by doing this we are letting our possible consumers practice and use our product.

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