Assignment 4 Nt2580

Topics: Personal computer, Virtual private network, Password Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Framework Standard
1. Will be the responsibility of Richman Investments employees, affiliates, vendors and agents with remote access privileges to Richman Investment's corporate network to ensure that their remote access connection is given the same consideration as the user's on-site connection to Richman Investment. 2. General access to the Internet for recreational use by immediate household members through the Richman Investments Network on personal computers is permitted for employees that have flat-rate services. The Richman Investments employee is responsible to ensure the affiliated member does not violate any Richman Investments policies, does not perform illegal activities, and does not use the access for outside business interests. The Richman Investments employee bears responsibility for the consequences should the access be misused.

3. Below are the following policies for details of protecting information when accessing the corporate network when referencing the remote access methods, and acceptable use of Richman Investment's network: a. Wireless Communications Policy

b. Acceptable Use Policy
c. Acceptable Encryption Policy
d. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Policy
4. Additional information regarding Richman Investment’s remote access connection options, To include how to order or disconnect service, cost comparisons, troubleshooting, etc., you will have to logon to Remote Access Services website.

Framework Requirements
1. Secure remote access standard will be strictly controlled. Control will be enforced by a one-time password authentication and minimum 7 character length, special character and 1 numerical character with 1 month expiration. 2. No Richman Investments employee will ever provide their login or email password to Anyone in or out of Richman Investments without prior written consent. 3. Richman Investments employees and affiliates with remote access privileges must ensure that their Richman Investments-owned or personal...
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