Assignment 301 - Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings

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Assignment 301 - Principles of communication in adult social care settings.

Ai) Identify four different reasons why people communicate.

. Create and maintain relationships
. To teach and to learn
. To share opinions
. Feelings and emotions

Aii) Describe two ways how effective communication can affect relationships in an adult social care setting between individuals using the service, their carers, colleagues and other Practitioners.

Effective communication is essential in building a meaningful relationship between the resident and the carer as it can help build trust and respect. Effective communication is fundamental in regards to the resident’s needs and preferences and to ensure they are met. As a carer i would discuss the options available to the resident to allow them to make an informed choice in regards to their care.

Aiii) Using the table below, identify three ways of finding out the communication and language needs of an individual. For each method, describe how effective it is at establishing the needs of the individual.

METHOD | HOW EFFECTIVE IS THIS METHOD? | Asking/Observing theIndividual. | Asking/Observing is probably the best way of establishing the individual’s communication and language needs as this would immediately allow me to establish their usual language, if they are visually or hearing impaired etc. | Check the Care plan for the individuals communication needs. | The Care plan can be a good source of information on the needs of the resident, but if documented incorrectly due to human error this method becomes ineffective. | If the first two don’t provide you with the needed information you could ask resident’s family, friends, doctor or other professionals who have worked with the individual. | This is another effective method, only to be used if the first two fail. |

Aiv) Describe three factors to consider when promoting effective communication.

. Does he/she have any equipment to aid them in communicating

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