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Katie Louise Harris
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Tutor: Sarah Willcocks
Course: Advanced Psychotherapy

Assignment Two

1. What might a client's appearance include evidence of?

Subjective distress
Disturbance of thought or feeling
Expressing behavior subconsciously

2. What should a therapist be aware of when taking note of a clients manner and content of talk?

Flights of ideas

3. Give examples of disorders of mood

The experience of emotion described as fear spread thin, Anxiety is the commonest of experiences. Abnormal frank excitement can be expressed by a client experiencing a mood disorder, when the behavior is inappropriate to the client's circumstances. Inappropriate behavior; excitement expressed, which is abnormal due to the clients current circumstances. Unreasonable exaltation may be encountered, a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion.

4. What does content of thought include?

Disorder of thinking, the client experiences thought blocks – Difficulty maintaining a train of thought (Constantly interrupted) Retardation – Perceptibly slowed thinking process
Acceleration – Incoherence regarding thought process, with the client feeling the to express f littering ideas in a almost manic manor Flights of ideas – Usually expressed in a n incoherent mumble of meaningless phrases, consisting of multiple associations.

5. What do ideas of reference involve?

Ideas of reference involves disturbance of judgment and interpretation of reality whereby the client tends to relate external circumstances to himself and so comes to believe that almost everything that happens has some special meaning directed toward himself. This leads to delusions in explanation of the otherwise incomprehensible picture of the world, which the client has developed.

6. Define; A. delusions B....
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