Artist Reflection

Topics: Art, Feeling, Emotion Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: November 2, 2014
“I lay low and watch the bridges burn”(Lauryn Hill), this is one of my favorite song lyrics written by the infamous Lauryn Hill. Why do I enjoy this lyric so much? What makes it so memorable and relatable? Artists like Lauryn, Miguel, and Sarah Bareilles are all artists that I believe use their craft to convey emotion and story telling. Every story they write uses their lyrics as poetry to express emotions, feelings, triumphs, and failures. What does this say about myself as an artist? For one, I use these artists as inspirations that inspire me to transpose their ideas of art into my own work. I like to listen diligently to my inspirations to emulate them. I am so transfixed to their art that I want to do what they do. I want people listening to my art, to feel these same feelings that I feel when I listen to my inspirations. This feeling of wanting to “emulate” my favorite artists comes from their originality (it inspires more art, and speaks to other “art” and artists). I find their art so amazing and beautiful that I want to make art just as powerful as theirs.

What is my concept of art? What do I think makes art ‘art’? I believe art should pass the test of time. When I write a song, I want it to be appreciated for years to come. I not only want my art to be appreciated, but to demonstrate care and craftsmanship. Listeners should be able to tell that I put my all into my work. As an artist I want my music to be self-referential; the sound alone should attract attention. Of course, not everyone will agree with or enjoy my art; they might feel a detached appreciation, or a feeling of the art not being of good use to them. They wouldn’t connect with the art. I would also like to improve my craft. In The Renaissance: studies in Art and Poetry by Walter Pater, we are told to enlarge ourselves by evolving out taste; we need to be open to everything. I want to do just that to expand my horizons.

As an artist, I believe I have a certain...
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