What Is Art for Me?

Topics: Art, Arts / Pages: 3 (597 words) / Published: Feb 4th, 2012
What is art for me?

What is art for me? This is a legitimate question, but the answer is not easy. The simplest answer is to say that it is art which stood the test of time and still remains meaningful. When I heard this question, it made me think about the word art: What is art for me? ; How do I define art? ; And what is its significance to my life?
According to the dictionary, the word art is the conscious use of skill and creative, imaginative especially in the production of aesthetic objects, indeed that is a very accurate answer, and too much general to be understandable.
So I researched in myself what art means to me. Since art deals with paintings, music, dance, architecture, drama, sculpture and literature, I can consider myself as an artist. Why? ‘Cause I’ve been singing in the choir of our church, I love doing and making artworks even if I’m not that good, I enjoy dancing, and so on and so forth.
Art is a way of how to bestow our slumbering passions and emotions. It conveys deviant behavior of an artist. It clearly describes different types of mental agitations like loneliness, uncertainty, happiness, and restlessness.
These are some pointers on how art signifies our lives.
Art has been created by all people at all times; it lives because it is liked and enjoyed. Art involves personal experiences of an individual accompanied by some intensity of emotion. Art is made of man, no matter how close it is to nature. Although each work of art is evidently the expression of an artists’ personal thoughts and feelings it may be inferred that, like any other individual, he belongs to a million, and he cannot free himself from the influence of his social, economic, political, cultural, geographic, scientific, and technological environment.
Some people think of art as only painting, sculptures, and prints and displayed in museums and galleries. In fact, art is a part of all aspects of life. You can see the work of artist and designers wherever you look.

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