Artificial Intelligence: A Pathway into the Future

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Alex Cormier
English 12
7 January 2005

Artificial Intelligence: A pathway Pathway Iinto the Ffuture
With all the different things in the world that change day by day, some can beone can encounter positive and some can be negative changes. Due to the fact of bBreakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the aeaffect on the job world and how National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contributes to the growth and positive reflection of Artificial Intelligence, it seems as though AI will definitely be a positive change. The fFuture of the Artificial Intelligence is getting stronger and stronger as each day passes. With the unemployment rates still around 5.5% and decreasing from previous months, Artificial Intelligence is mostly a positive negative change on the outlook of the job market because of the advancement of technology. As NASA i’s the leading space aviator in the country, there is no one else fit to gain, boost moral and contribute towards AI. Artificial Intelligence will be one of the top technological necessities in the near future.

As time, seasons, and technology change, so does the definition of Artificial Intelligence. “Artificial Intelligence, in light of this definition of intelligence, is simply the application of artificial or non-naturally occurring systems that use the knowledge-level to achieve goals” (Newell). The easiest definition to believe in is that AI is any machine that relates to a human if it’s through a program. Artificial Intelligence is “tThe ability of a computer or other machine to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence” (Dictionary). Some machines were and are built to make our lives easier, keep us alive longer and stay healthy. “The only everyday ‘robots’ so far are things like car-building machines in Detroit, Sony's Aibo plastic dog, and mini-moon rovers that crawl through blast sites. Is the definition of the word robot ‘any machine that adjusts its own behavior according to feedback from its sensors?’ If so, thermostats, microwave ovens and light-sensitive patio lights are robots, too” (Pogue). With all the technological advancements everyday, Artificial Intelligence will improve over time. Artificial Intelligence is not just a machine that not only performs futile activities but can also provide useful help in Law law Enforcementenforcement, Constructionconstruction, Cleaningcleaning, Entertainment entertainment and Medical medical services. The Law law Enforcement enforcement type is widely used as a robot that sees and moves into a territory to capture a video of the suspect or suspects. Another example of AI is used in Llaw Enforcement enforcement when Police police officers get around streets, airports and sidewalks with the all newly invented Segway. With the use of the Segway, “You’re looking out above the crowd, you can see blocks ahead. It’s like you’re Shaquille O’Neal on wheels” (Mensching). Another type of military AI is Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) which has recently come to the front stage of research. These are small, lightweight devices that fly without operator control, thereby making them autonomous. Unmanned Air Vehicles are remotely piloted vehicles and robotic aircraft. They can be drastically cheaper to develop, build, and use than manned aircraft, which require sophisticated life support systems. With Artificial Intelligence being used to enforce laws, why not for construction? The answer is that it is already being used for construction with the back up of NASA. With multiple robots attacking one large pile of steel or any material it would be faster then if humans tried since the robots are stronger, smarter and group relating with all of the other robots. The Center Load behavior is activated when the force in the gimbal on either of the rovers exceeds a specified threshold. The corrective procedure, the lead rover performs its correction while the follow rover...
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