Psychology Key Terms

Topics: Parasympathetic nervous system, Autonomic nervous system, Psychology Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Angela R. Flowers
WK 8 – Day 1 Assignment
Definitions – Chapter 7

1.algorithms - An algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a problem or completing a process 3.artificial intelligence (AI) - a computer or machine that has been created to think like a human. 5.babblings - the first sounds a baby makes trying to speak. 7.concept – something that is formed in my mind like a thought or notion. 9.convergent thinking - thinking that focuses on coming up with the single, good answer to a problem. 11.cultural- familial mental retardation – to be retarded and have no environmental or genetic association for the condition. 13.expected value -

15.functional fixedness – to think about something based on what it’s used for or it’s function. 17.heuristics - a mental shortcut so you can solve problems and make judgments fast. 19.infant vocalizations – early sounds that babies make.

21.information- processing system –something used to receive information like symbols and manipulating it. 23.intelligence quotient (IQ) – how a person’s intelligence is measured. 25.logic – a thinking process that helps to make valid conclusions. 27.mental set -to use old ways to solve problems word stage – a stage of a child’s development when their language skills are basically one word at a time. 31.prototype – a concept that has all of the same features of an original subject. 33.representativeness heuristic – a mental shortcut to judge where something belongs based on how much it is like something else. 35.scripts – things we do regularly or every day that is stored in our brains/memory. 37.statistical reliability – to make sure or prove something is valid and/or exact. 39.test –used to check quality, performance or reliability of something.

Angela R. Flowers
WK 8 – Day 1 Assignment
Definitions – Chapter 8

1.achievement motivation – when someone wants to set goals, reach them and feels good about doing it. 3.attribution – explaining why...
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