Article; Train Fares Essay

Topics: Cost, Want, Trains Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Train fares go off the rails.

Are train fares becoming affordable for only the rich?

Travel is ridiculously expensive: bus train or taxi, but especially the train. As trains are used by many people for various reasons to travel: to and from work; to and from school; to and from visiting family or holidays. They are used daily, and can be used by anyone any age, to anywhere they need, and this is why trains shouldn't be so expensive.

Trains are know as being the quickest,most efficient type of transport, as they travel through many different towns all over the country, and because they have professionals driving them already, they allow you to work on the move- something you can't do whilst driving. But the train isn't as great as they make it out to be, Dan Lane a business worker who travels by train to get to work everyday quoted 'The price of a train ticket is absolutely ridiculous, I have to pay at least £200 a month to travel to and from work. I don't really earn alot, and most the money I do earn is mostly spend on buying more train tickets. I Could travel by car for a cheaper price, but i cannot afford a car, and I don't have a drivers licence." Great Western obviously don't think the prices are enough, so keep rising them more. On average they earn £2 billion a year, but want more.

High rail fares at peak times could be adding to 'social exclusion' as the high prices are barring poorer people from using trains because they cannot afford a ticket; Because poorer people are less fortunate to use the train, they could be forced on dependence of cars, but to some could still not be accessible. As they are employed in different towns, they will need to find a way of transport, so many rely on using the train, but could be finding it difficult to pay to use it everyday.

Train fares are highly expensive, and still rising to outrageous prices. Some are even finding it too much to pay for; housing, food, children, families and paying up to £200...
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