The Art of Eating Spaghetti

Topics: Art, 2002 albums, Kumi Koda Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: May 23, 2007
When someone eats spaghetti, they are not just eating it; the technique that they use to eat it makes eatingspaghetti an art. For those who believe in the rules involved in etiquette, using a fork and a spoon is the way to go when eatingspaghetti. On the other hand, others just prefer to use a fork as their main tool. As we dwell farther away from the proper way to eat spaghetti the only other way to eat is by using ones hands, just as most of us used them when we first learned how to eat. One way or the other, one would have to twirl the spaghetti around and around when using utensils, just like when a ballerina twirls and twirls around an imaginary pole that keeps her body in a perfect stance.

Just as when watching ballet seems graceful, those who live by etiquette have a graceful posture that allows them to elegantly bring the spaghetti to their mouth, just like when a ballerina takes a leap. Getting spaghetti sauce on ones face is a flaw and the only way to correct it is by simply erasing it way in order to attempt it once more. But for others having spaghetti sauce on ones face is a work of art itself. One doesn't have to try to get the spaghetti sauce on ones face it just happens naturally. Aren't things that happen naturally beautiful? Art itself is very broad but by narrowing it down to the art of painting; we can recognize that there are some artists that like to feel the paint with their bare hands like the people, especially infants, who just use their hands to eat spaghetti. The reason why some artists don't use brushes is because they want to become one with their work, in other words hand spaghetti eaters want to be able to feel the texture, sliminess and gooiness, directly on their hands. When they do this they become one with the spaghetti as the sauce slowly begins to spread all over them. Eventually they will clean it off, but for the moment erasing is not allowed.

Other artists, on the other hand, believe that the only way to get the...
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