Art and Music

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Essay 2
American Composer Charles Wuorinen writes:

"In any medium, entertainment is that which we can receive and enjoy passively, without effort, without our putting anything into the experience. Art is that which requires some initial effort from the receiver, after which the experience received may indeed be entertaining, but also transcending as well. Art is like nuclear fusion: you have to put something into it to get it started, but you get more out of it in the end than what you put in. Entertainment is its own reward, and generally doesn't last."  

Please ponder and consider your understanding of the above quote.  For Essay 2, respond to the Wuorinen quote in light of the music about which we have learned in class and to which we have listened as a part of this class.  Also, you may bring into your response the music to which you listen most frequently.  200 – 400 words in a clear and concise manner will produce an appropriate essay.  Please submit on paper or on line.

I truly agree with Charles Wuorinen that the music (any kind of entertainment) does help us to get our mind relaxed and become calm. To enjoy or understand any kind of entertainment we as humans have to make initial efforts to try to get through the message which the artist has to deliver to the audience. Most of the time when we listen to any music or see any kind of art form, we can easily notice that they are trying to deliver a message which is related to their life and what the artist has gone through. This can be noticed especially in hip hop music and renaissance art form. I also agree with the fact that art is like a nuclear fusion that once the input has been done by the artist that art of his produces much more than an artist can imagine. For me personally, whenever I am sad I listen to music which is soft and peaceful. This helps me to relax and get over the fact that something was bothering me. Music works like a healer therapy for me. It helps me to forget all kind of...
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