How We Listen to Music

Topics: Music, Feeling, Sound Pages: 5 (936 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Worawut Sriwongsa

Combination of Music Essays It’s a mystery of how first music was created, however that’s not the point. Since music

has been developed, there are so many types of music that you can choose and listen to.

Everybody has a different point to listen to music; one might listen for their sad, inspiration,

ease. It depends on what situation makes you want to hear a song. It is no matter that music

soothes or encourages us, because music always has an effect on us.

As I observed, it’s amazing that music is a part of human being. Almost everybody in the

world likes to listen to music. Some people may like to watch T.V or some people may like to

play sports but listening to music is their unexceptional. Some places in the world have no a lot

of materials to create sound of music, but people still discover some ways to create sound. For

example, the didgeridoo is an instrument created by Indigenous Australians of northern

Australia, and that is made from natural wood.

Music is like a bridge to let listeners walk across and get to the song writers’ feeling. To

be interacted with music, we should not just use our ears to hear the sound, but our mind

should be used as an important part as well. In fact, a lot of people listen to music without any

consideration. Sometimes music is just a tool to make a place has better atmosphere such as in

a restaurant, but we never really listen to it earnestly. In other words, this is seemed to coincide

with a statement that has written by Copland. To expand, Copland has categorized the ways of

how people listening to music. One of them is the sensuous plane which already mentioned

previously. The sensuous plan is a simplest way to listen to music. Normally, people listen to

music for their pleasure. There is music at a party, wedding, funerals, or even while we are

driving on the road, it helps our minds go along with an activity we are in. The second way is

called the expressive plane. All of the music has its meaning, it expresses how people feel at a

particular time, evoke our thoughts, memories and feelings. Whenever music has a reflection of

us, our situation or our background, we always feel that music touch us. To support this idea, I

was driving on the road with the radio was on, once the hip hop beat

and some fast conversation seemed like somebody is muttering has begun with “whatever

happened to the values of humanity, whatever happened to the fairness and equality, instead

of spreading love, we are spreading animosity” . I started to listen to it with my contemplation,

and I found down that the text in the song is about how our world is turning into selfishness.

Then I realized to what’s happening to our world such as wars, the recession of economy,

animosity that leading us away from unity, or discrimination. This song has such a great

expression and very touched. I can feel in the same way with the song writer does perfectly.

The third way is called sheerly plane. For my understanding, everything that makes sound is

music such as running water, wind, footsteps, croak, and etc. If you can imagine these elements

could be in the music, you are not too far from listening music by the third way. Listen to music

by the sheerly plane must use some skill to hear what materials are used. Melodies that are

created in music and rhythms that are mixed in are such a beautiful sound. People who are

alive to music on this musical plane might be addicted to the sound of music easily. As an

illustration, Mr.Holland is a musician and infatuated with the melody and rhythm of music. He

lives his passionate life by composing music. He is a very intelligent musician. At the...
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