Art and Brush Strokes

Topics: Art, History of painting, Visual arts Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: February 1, 2008
Caravaggio worked in the style of realism. Realism is when artists use different techniques to make paintings look like photographs or sculptures to look like real people. Most of realisms subj3ect matter is based on the world around us. This basically means what you see is what you get. The figures that are done in reealism are all 3-dimensional. Also the works of art are done using real colors, like a peachy color for a skin tone. They also use correct proportions such as the nose is not too large or too long and the eyes aren't way too close or too far apart.

The size and shape of certain facial and bodily features is very important in this stlye and must be accurate in order for things to look real. The brush strokes and artist uses are also a key factor in the style of realism. The brush strokes are very discreet and are done so they will not be visible.

THis adds to the effect of the realistic, photographic look. The style of realism was one of the first types of art and usually depicted religious or royal figures. The stly of realism has been around for a very long time and is a big part of the history of art and will remain an important aspect for many years to come.

Carravagio worked with realism. Realism is a type of art which makes paintings obtain a real photographic look. Carravagio also used some aspects of another style called expressionism.

Expressionism is when the subject matter is based on the real world but is changed whether it be a fictional subject or the way the lights and darks are used. One way he used this style was in the painting he did of Medusa, the greek mythical woman with snakes for hair. He really exagerated the shadowing and since Medusa is a myth it is a fictional subject. In most of Carravagio's artwork his use of light and dark is very dramatic and exagerated. The realism portion of his artwork is also a very important factor. He could fool many people into thinking his paintings were pictures.

His brush...
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