IWT1 Task 1

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Task 1

There has always been a question as to what is or was more important to the advancement of society, science or art? Although science has contributed to the advancement of society and nations, art has helped capture our moments in time, tell stories, and inspire nations and people. We will take a moment to look at two different art periods in our history. We will focus on how they relate to each other, their influential impact, and a specific piece from each period. Our first period and style of art we will look at will be Realism. Realism art is generally defined as attempting to represent a subject in a very straight forward and truthful matter. Artist work to avoid artificially rendering an object, misrepresenting elements, or provide implausible circumstances. Realism was a movement that began in France in the 1850’s as a form of art to reject the Romanticism movement. (Wikipedia) Realism prided itself in portraying the truth, whether ugly or sordid, and paint a picture of daily life and its struggles. The tough living conditions and lives of the masses really contributed to the movement in Realism as many individuals could not relate to the Romanticism period and art styles. Our second period and style of art we will look at is Surrealism. Surrealism was an art movement that took off in the 1920’s in France and was used to display art or life in a dream like or altered universe aspect. The art style uses elements of surprise, oddities, and unexpected contrasts to achieve the style of Surrealism. Unlike the counter part style of Realism, Surrealism was used in society as an escape from the everyday pictures and life that was being lived. Surrealism really stated to pickup popularity in the 1930’s as it started to have an effect on society in all forms of media such as books, art, film and music. (Wikipedia) Although Realism and Surrealism seem to be polar opposites in style they...

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